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Spinning Wheels

*Lendrun Folding Wheel
Complete Wheel Double Treadle

Regular Wheel plus plying head and fast bobbin . . $715.00

Made of Hard Maple with a laquered finish

28 " Saxony Wheel

Wheel Diameter 28"
Orfice 7/16"

Weight 20 lbs
Ratios are 8, 12, 15 and
18 to 1.
Fast Whorl
Regular Bobbins   $25.00

Saxony is available in your choice of Walnut, Cherry or Maple and is sold unfinished so it can be finished to match its new home.

May be ordered with the head on the left or the right to match your spinning style.

The Lendrum Folding Wheel* offers an excellent balance of flexibility, portability, reliability, and economy. It will fold small enough to fit into a suitcase. There are 5 different flyers available for a complete range of spinning. The Scotch tension mechanism used on all wheels offers maximum flexibility and range. Made in Canada.
o Single Drive, Scotch Tension
o Wheel Diameter 19"
o Regular Flyer Ratios: 6, 8, 10:1
o Orifice 7/16", 29.75" high
o Double Treadle
o 4 - 4 oz bobbins and tensioned kate
o No assembly, just unfold and attach head
o Maple hardwood with clear lacquer finish
o Weight 13 lbs

Complete wheel includes above plus
o Fast Flyer Ratios 12, 15, 17:1
o Plying Head Ratios 3, 7, 9:1


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